What You Invest2017-01-20T09:22:38-04:00

Brokerage costs are an Investment

Like everything else in your business, brokerage costs are an investment. If you get a great return on investment, the cost are worth it. If you get little value, even a discount office can be too expensive.

Brokerages have hidden their fees for too long. At RE/MAX Elite we are transparent, and we’ll help you determine if joining is a good investment in the growth of your business

If your brokerage can't tell you in one sentence or less how much you'll pay, they're hiding something.

Our Cost is transparent and an investment in your business. We're happy to provide a direct comparison to Your current split. Realtors are independent contractors, why not make more money with services that help your business?

Curious About Teams?  We have an awesome structure & we help you build it!